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Asparagus Officinalis
Hardy, summer perrenial. The new shoots are picked as they appear above ground. Plant in deeply trenched, composted, raised beds. Used in salads, stir-fry, raw or lightly steamed. Perennial. H:60cm W:50cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Basil_Columnar_thumbBasil – Columnar
Ocimum basilicum spp.
A very attractive and rewarding perennial basil. Highly aromatic leaves that can be used fresh in salads. Upright growth habit makes it neat and easy to grow. Frost sensitive. Shrub. H:60cm W:50cm. 12cm. 17cm.


Basil_Pink_Perennial_thumbBasil – ‘Pink’ Perennial
Ocimum basilicum spp.
Small mottled green very aromatic leaves with spikes of lilac flowers all summer. The leaves can be used in stews and soups. Bees love this basil. Semi-frost tender Shrub. H:60cm W:50cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Basil_Perennial_White_thumbBasil– ‘White’ Perennial.
Ocimum basilicum
Large, highly aromatic leaves with spikes of white flowers from early spring to late autumn. Leaves can be used in cooking wherever a basil taste is required. Its cold hardy nature will ensure the availability of basil right through winter. Shrub. H:80m W:80cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Basil_Red_Rubin_thumbBasil– ‘Red Rubin’
Ocimum basilicum spp.
A very attractive plant with spicy scented deep purple oval leaves with clusters of pink flowers in summer. Use the leaves in salads, sauces and with pasta and rice dishes. Frost sensitive. Annual. H:50cm W:50cm. 12cm,17cm.


Basil_Sweet_thumbBasil– Sweet
Ocimum basilicum
Extremely aromatic soft mid green leaves make this the most popular Basil of all. The summer salad must. Pinch out the flowers to maintain bushy leafy growth. Very frost tender. Basils are gross feeders and need plenty of organic fertilizer. Annual. H:50cm W:45cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Bay_leaf_thumbBay leaf
Laures nobilis
An aromatic tree bearing shiny dark green leaves. inconspicuous yellowish flower in spring are followed by deep purple berries. The leaves dried or fresh, are used to flavour soups and stews. Also used to cook game and in pickling brines. Shrub. H:2m W:1m. 12cm, 17cm.


Monarda didyma
A shrub with dark ovate leaves with toothed margins. Bears beautiful pink-red flowers in summer. Attracts bees and is therefore a great companion to other insect pollinated herbs. Grow in compost rich soil and water well. Prune in late autumn. Semi-dormant in winter. Shrub. H:80cm W:80cm 12cm, 17cm.


Bulbine frutescence (yellow and orange)
Succulent, clump forming plant ideal for rockeries, dry spots and dry shade under trees. Bears decorative yellow spikes all year. The juice from the leaves can be used to treat minor wounds and insect bites. Succulent. H:20cm W:10cm. 12cm,17cm.


Calendula_Side_Banner_ThumbCalendula officinalis
Beautiful, bright orange or yellow double daisy-like flowers in winter with slightly hairy, elongated oval, mid green leaves. The medicinal properties of calendula make it a must in any herb garden. The flower petals can be added to salads for great color. Annual. H:45cm W:30cm. 12cm, 17cm.



Cape_gooseberry_thumbCape Gooseberry
Physalis peruviana
Shrub with grey-green velvet leaves bearing orange, many seeded berries, encased in a paper bladder at the end of summer. The slightly tart fruit is used in cooking, preserves, jams, salads and fruit salads. Perennial. H:1m W:1m. 12cm, 17cm.


Cat_grass_thumbCat Grass
Dactylus glomerata
A grass loved by cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs alike as a really good dietary supplement. Needs plenty of water and good drainage. Annual. H:20cmW:20cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Nepeta mussinii’
Spreading plant with ovate heart shaped grey-green leaves, bearing small blue tubular flowers in whorls in summer Leaves can be used in teas and salads and the flowers for garnish. Perennial. H:30cm W:spread. 12cm, 17cm.


Nepeta x faassenii ‘Alba’
Spreading plant with ovate, heart shaped grey-green leaves bearing small white tubular flowers in whorls in summer. Perennial H:30cm W:spread. 12cm, 17cm.



Nepeta cataria
The number one herb for cats. They love to eat the leaves, making them playful and afterwards acting as a nourishing nerve tonic. Spreading plant with ovate, heart shaped grey-green leaves. Perennial. H:30cm W:spread. 12cm, 17cm.


Apium graveolens
This popular vegetable has erect, succulent, semicircular stems and bright green, aromatic leaves. If not cropped the plant will produce flowers and then seed. The stems and leaves are used in salads, stews and soups. The seed is used to make tea to relieve gout and airthritis. Annual. H:30cm W:20cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Chamomile_German_thumbChamomile German
Matricaria recutita
A low growing plant with fine green leaves and lovely white daisy flowers with deep yellow centers. It prefers well drained soil. The dried flowers are used to make a soothing, calming tea. A cool infusion can be used to soothe minor burns and eczema. Perennial.H:60cm W:40cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Chamomile_Lawn_thumbChamomile Lawn
Anthemis nobilis
Apple scented low growing with fine foliage and flowers similar to that of German chamomile. Can be used to ‘lawn’ low traffic areas. The flowers are used as a tea tonic.cc. Ground cover. H10cm W:60cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Anthriscus cerefolium
A small hardy herb that has a long cropping period. The parsley-like leaves have a delicate flavor of anise and parsley. When used in cooking it must be added at the end of the process in order to retain flovor. Annual. H:30cm W:20cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Allium schoenoprasum
Clump-forming from very small bulbs that send up hollow, tubular green leaves and globular heads of pale pink to purple blossoms. Fantastic companion plant with roses, grapes, carrots, tomatoes and fruit trees. Wonderful delicate onion flavor for salads and garnishes. Perennial. H:20cm W:20cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Chives_Garlic_thumbChives– Garlic
Allium tuberosum
Clump forming from very small bulbs that send up hollow, flat green leaves and globular heads of pale pink to purple blossoms. Fantastic companion plant with roses, grapes, carrots tomatoes and fruit trees. Wonderful delicate onion/garlic flavor for salads and garnishes. Perennial. H:35cm W:30cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Capsicum annuum var.
Chillies are easy and fun to grow. Heat intensity is the greatest when they reach their mature color, however they can be used when still green. Chillies are packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E and other nutrients that protect cells from free-radical damage. Annual. H:various W:various. 12cm, 17cm.


Bird’s Eye – Malaga
Scoville scale – 8
Small yellow to red, slightly tapered fruit.


Chillie Cherry BombChillie:
Cherry Bomb
Scoville scale – 8
Green to red, pendant, globular fruit.


Scoville scale -10
Light green to orange, wrinkled fruit, tapering to a point.


chillie- JalapenoChillie:
Scoville scale – 6
Uniform green to red fruit.


chillie- thai dragonChillie:
Thai dragon
Scoville scale -9
Light green dark red elongated fruit.


chillie cayenneChillie:
Cayenne Long Red
Scoville scale – 8
Long green to red slim fruit.


Scoville scale – 8
Slim green red blocked-shaped fruit.

Symphytum officinale
A hardy, excellent foliage plant for the garden with lance shaped mid green leaves that are covered with slightly prickly hairs. Bears pink flowers in the summer. The leaves have medicinal properties. The leaves are a beneficial addition to the compost heap or infused as a liquid plant food. Perennial. H:60cm W:60cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Coriandrum sativum
Quick growing, bright green plant with feathery leaves and clusters of pinkish flowers in summer. The leaves have a sage flavor with citrus overtones. The roots have a nutty flavor. Can be eaten fresh or used in cooking and the roots can be grated into sauces. Annual. H:50cm W:30cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Cotton_Lavender_thumbCotton Lavender
Santolina chamaecyparissus.
Grey, rounded and cushiony ground covering shrubs. The leaves give off a strong aroma when crushed. Button shaped yellow flowers appear in summer and make a striking contrast to the grey foliage. Dried leves can be used in pot pourii. Ideal hedging plant. Shrub. H:30cm W:40cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Curry_plantCurry Plant
Helichrysum italicum
Silver-grey leaves with distinct curry smell, with mustard yellow flowers in summer. Compact growth makes this plant ideal for edging. Can be used to add curry flavor to meat and fish dishes. Shrub. H:60cm W:40cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Anethum graveolens
Dill has a single tap root and long hollow stalks that produce feathery blue green leaves that branch at the top to bear 15cm wide clusters of yellow flowers in summer. The leaves have a pronounced tang and along with the seeds are used in a variety of dishes. Annual. H:1m W:0.5m. 12cm, 17cm.


Dog_Gone_thumbDog gone
Plectranthus neochilis.
Has thick round, succulent leaves with small hairs on the upper surface. Large spikes of mauve-blue flowers appear in summer. Dogs generally do not like the aroma released by the leaves when crushed. Plan where needed or pick the leaves and place where repellant is required. Annual H:40cm W:20cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Dog_grass_thumbDog grass
Spartina pectinata.
Evergreen perennial, herbaceous, sterile rass that can be planted in containers or flower beds. Supplements the dogs minerals. Grass. H:40cm W:20cm. 12cm, 17cm.



Brinjal retryEgg plant
‘Black Beauty’- the trusted brinjal for taste and performance. Egg plants are easy to grow and very popular as a baked vegetable, in stir fries and various other dishes. Plant in compost rich soil and apply extra fertilizer during the flowering and fruiting period. Harvesting from early summer to late autumn. Annual. H:60cm W:60cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Fennel_Bronze_thumbFennel Bronze
Foeniculum vulgare ‘Rubrum’ purpureum
Very striking, bronze, fine feathery leaves. Umbells of small yellow flowers in summer followed by aromatic edible seeds. Used in pork and fish dishes and a great addition to salads. Medicinal uses. Perennial. H:1m W:0.6m. 12cm, 17cm.


Fennel_thumbFennel Florence
Foeniculum vulgare dulce
A multi-branched herb with feather-like leaves and small yellow flowers borne on a large flat umbels in summer, followed by aromatic edible seeds. Used in pork and in fish dishes and a great addition to salads. Medicinal uses. Perennial. H:80cm W:80cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Tanacetum parthenium ‘Migraine Herb’
A dense, perennial flowering plant, that has aromatic, finely cut leaves and clusters of small daisy-like flowers in summer. A tea made from the leaves may relieve migraines and indigestion. Companion plant near fruit trees. Attract bees. Perennial. H:60cm W:30cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Fruit_Salad_Bush_thumbFruit Salad Bush
Solanum muricatum
Will constantly bear egg-shaped fruits. The plant has a slightly drooping habit so needs to be supported. The fruit is apricot colored with purple marking when ripe. Can be used in salads, fruit salads and chutneys when completely ripe the green fruit is poisonous. Shrub. H:80cm W:50cm. 12cm, 17cm.


Globe_artichoke_thumbGlobe Artichoke
Cynara scolymus
Besides being delicious to eat, this plant makes a handsome addition to the herbaceous border, with its silver grey thistle like leaves. The flower heads are the edible vegetable. Once it has finished flowering. Perennial. H1.5m W:1m. 12cm, 17cm.


Horseradish_thumbHorse Radish
Armoracia rusticana
Clump forming plant with tall strong interesting leaves and white flowers in spring. The root is grated and made into a hot piquant sauce for meat.Medicinal uses. Perennial. H:10cm H:10cm. 12cm, 17cm.