Hebe range -AmyHebe Range
Glossy, dark green foliage with maroon on the reverse, bearing dark purple flowers.



Hebe range - Andersonii variegataAndersonii variegata‘.
Compact growth habit with pink and white flowers borne above attractive green and cream coloured foliage.



Hebe range - Fransiscana variegata‘Fransiscana variegata’
A bushy evergreen rounded shrub with dark green leaves, margined creamy white. Flowers purple from summer to autumn.



Hebe range- Wiri joyWiri Joy’.
Compact, bushy, evergreen shrub with lance-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves and compact, dense, rounded racemes of purple-pink flowers in summer.



Hypoestes splashHypoestes Splash series
‘Pink, Red, White Polka Dot’
One of the most popular varieties is the Hypoestes ‘Splash’ series which have been bred for improved heat tolerance and long shelf life. Ideal for mixed containers and hanging baskets for additional foliar colour. H:20cm, S:20cm


Dwarf compact perennial with smaller bright yellow flowers from spring to autumn. Ideal for containers.



Lavender selectionLavender selection
‘Dentata Green’, ‘Dentata Grey’, ‘Fern Leaf’, Kew Red, ‘Margaret Roberts’, and ‘Stoechas’
Lavandula intermedia ‘Margaret Roberts’
An herbaceous shrub with highly aromatic grey leaves. Small blue flowers are borne on long stems from spring through to autumn. 4L bag 25cm pot
Lavandula spica Lavendula x Allardii
Spectacular en-mass with grey foliage and long, conical purple flower spikes. 4L bag
Lavandula stoechas ‘French Lavender’
An herbaceous shrub with highly aromatic grey leaves. Large purple flowers are borne on long stems from spring through to autumn. 4L bag
Lavender stoechas ‘Purple Ribbon’
Compact lavender with mass flower display from late winter to early autumn. The flower bracts are long with a strong purple colour and the leaves highly aromatic. 4L bag
Lavender ‘Fern Leaf’ L. pinnata multifida
Pale gray-green lacey fern-like leaves with bright blue, soft flower spikes on tall stems make this a very attractive Lavender. 4L bag
Lavandula dentata ‘Royal Crown’
An herbaceous shrub with highly aromatic green leaves. Large purple-blue flowers are borne on long stems from spring through to autumn. 4L bag
Lavandula dentata ‘Candicans’ French Grey Lavender
An herbaceous shrub with highly aromatic green leaves. Large purple flowers are borne long stems from spring through to autumn. 4L bag

Limonium pereziiLimonium perezii
Limonium perezii ‘Statice’
Tough clump-forming plant with big round leaves and tall strong flower stems with huge panicles of deep blue flowers most of the year. Excellent cut flower and the flowers heads dry well. 3L bag.


Lobelia curacaoLobelia curacao mix
Dark Blue, Purple, White
Lobelia is an easy-to-grow, carefree plant that enjoys cool weather. This summertime bloomer will continue to produce flowers on up through the first frost. Growing lobelia is an asset to the garden and also ideal for containers and hanging baskets where it can freely cascade over the side. H:20cm, S:20cm.


Lysimachia aureaLysimachia aurea
Lysimachia nummularia
Very flat spreading self-rooting ground cover with round bright green foliage and big yellow cup shaped flowers in summer. 3L bag



Mazus repantsMazus reptans
‘Blue’ and ‘White’
Alba’: White flowers.
‘Blue’: Blue flowers.
A very flat, hardy, creeping self-rooting ground cover that bears masses of small flowers with yellow and white markings in spring and summer. 3L bag.

Minuartia aureaMinuartia aurea
Very flat, compact, neatly spreading moss-like ground cover with golden yellow foliage and tiny white flowers in summer. 3L bag



‘Pink’, Deep Purple’, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘White’.
A charming cool-season annual with pretty little snapdragon-shaped, fragrant flowers. It does best in spring and fall (winter in mild-winter climates), though this variety have better heat-tolerance than others. Nemesia prefers moist, well-drained soil that’s rich in organic matter. H:20cm, S:15cm.


OsteospermumOsteospermum Serenity Range
‘Dark Lavender’, ‘Lavender Frost’, Purple’, ‘Sunburst Yellow’
Compact, floriferous, full rounded plants with large daisy-like flowers all year round.



Oxalis range - Bowls whiteOxalis Range
‘Bowl’s white’: White flowers in winter.
‘Brasiliensis’: Bright pink flowers in winter.
‘Hirta: Light pink flowers in early autumn.
‘Hirta rosea’: Dark pink flowers in early autumn
‘Purple fantasy’: Attractive, dark purple foliage with bright pink flowers from winter to late spring ‘Yellow’: Single yellow flowers in winter and indigenous to South Africa. Outstanding colour during the colder months of the year, which grows from a strong bulb and is dormant in summer. Prefers moist, well composted soil. H 10cm x S 10cm.

‘Baby Blue’
Small green leafed spreading ground cover with masses of blue flowers in spring. For magnificent early spring color this hardy little ground cover is perfect. 3L bag



Pennyroyal lawn‘Pennyroyal’ and ‘Lawn Pennyroyal’
Description: refer to Exotic section.



‘Angel Eye’
Bushy, trailing when mature, evergreen perennial with rounded, lobed, mid-green leaves and, in summer and autumn, double flowers with deep rose-pink upper petals and white lower petals. H:40cm, S:30cm


Phlox centuryPhlox Century series
Blue, Red, Salmon, White
It’s the dawn of a new age with this F1 hybrid Phlox mix! Its hybrid vigor means that you get bigger, brighter blooms over a longer period. Very adaptable to growing conditions, begins blooming in spring and continues right up to frost. Unlike many Phlox, it is not fussy about a little summer heat, and tolerates wet conditions without dropping a petal! Height: 30cm, Spread: 30cm.


Phlox divaricataPhlox divaricata
An outstanding low clump-forming plant with narrow green leaves and a magnificent show of sky blue flowers on long stems in early spring and early summer. 3L bag



‘Happy Hour’.
These succulent beauties are heat and drought tolerant and low maintenace, forming easy to grow carpets of brilliant colour. Produce droves of dazzling 5cm flowers throughout the summer and are an outstanding temporary ground cover, or use them to brighten mixed borders, patio pots or hanging baskets. No pinching required.


‘Mona Lavender’
P. neochilus ‘Variegata’
‘Mona Lavender’
Fast growing with attractive serrated leaves and spikes of tubular pink to mauve blooms in autumn. Prune after flowering. 3L bag. 17cm pot.


Salvia selectionSalvia Selection
‘Rhea’ :
Blue / Purple flowers.
S. gregii ‘Lime’
S. gregii ‘Pink’
S. gregii ‘Pink Ice’: Coral pink flowers.
S. gregii ‘Pink Passion’: Light pink flowers.
Salvia farinacea ‘Evolution’ ‘Rhea’ NEW
Bright green linear-shaped leaves with purple blue flowers in summer.
Salvia longispicata x farinacea ‘Mystic Spires’
Compact, well-branched, sturdy, dark green leafed plants. Bearing true blue flowers from spring to autumn.
Salvia gregii ‘Coral’
Coral pink flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Lime’
Yellow-green flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Lipstick’ NEW
Dark pink flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Pink’
Bright pink flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Raspberry’ NEW
Deep pink-red flowers .
Salvia gregii ‘Sally Red’
Bright red flowers.
Salvia ‘Hot Lips’
Red and white flowers NEW
Salvia ‘Orange’
Coral pink flowers.
Salvia ‘Passion Pink’
Coral pink flowers.
Salvia ‘Pink Ice’
Pink and white flowers.
Salvia pratensis ‘Blue’
Small shrub with green leaves and bright blue flowers.
S. gregii and S. pratensis are compact, small shrubs, that flower all year round for a mass display of colour. Prune after flowering to encourage compact growth habit and new flowers. 3L bag. Perennial. H:50cm W:30cm.

Scabiosa columbariaScabiosa columbaria
‘Butterfly Blue’ and ‘Pink Mist’
A tough compact plant, flowering all year round. Dead head to encourage more blooms. Great planted in groups. Drought tolerant and hardy. 3L bag



‘Blue Angel’ NEW
Low growing perennial with fan shaped, deep blue flowers from spring to autumn. Ideal for containers and hanging baskets.



TrifoliumTrifolium atropurpurea
Purple shamrock. Excellent low spreading self-rooting ground cover with deep purple and green foliage and white pompom flowers in summer. 3L



‘Tuscany series’
‘Blue; Burgundy eye; Lavender picotee; Orchid frost; Peach; Pink picotee; Rose eye; Scarlet; Silver; Violet eye; White’.
Upright, compact growth habit. Tuscany loves it hot and dry. It is a full, bushy plant, which produces a mass of flowers in eye-catching colors. 3L


Viola hederacea
The Australian violet. Flat, spreading, self-rooting, perennial violet with masses of blue and white bicolor flowers all year round. The flowers are not edible. 3L

‘Orange’, ‘Pink’, ‘Purple’, ‘Splendor Orange’, and ‘Yellow’
‘Cream’ and ‘Red’
Orange variety: ‘Sunset’
Pink varieties: ‘Drosanthenum Rosea’, ‘Pink Passion’ and ‘Salmon Pink’
Yellow varieties: ‘New Yellow’ and ‘Sunshine’
Purple varieties: ‘Purple Parade’ and ‘Upright Purple’
Small, bushy plant with fleshy leaves that bears a profusion of brilliant coloured flowers in spring. Vygies are semi-hardy
and drought tolerant and prefer well drained soil. 3L bag