Exotic Range:     A – F        G – M

Ophiopogon jaburanOphiopogon jaburan variegata
It has beautiful variegated foliage. It flowers mid to late Summer with white flowers. Can tolerate mild frosts. Low maintenance and drought hardy plant once established. 3L bag. Grass. H:30cm W:30cm.



Parahebe - baby blueParahebe ‘Baby Blue’
Small green leafed spreading ground cover with masses of blue flowers in spring. For magnificent early spring color this hardy little ground cover is perfect. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:15cm W:15cm.



Penstemon selectionPenstemon Selection
Compact clump-forming plants with bright green foliage and bell-shaped flowers along tall, strong stems from early spring to late autumn. Prefer moist well composted soil.
‘Apple blossom’
Soft pink with a white throat.
‘Charles Rudd’
Light purple with a white throat.
‘Deep Purple’
Dark purple flowers.
‘Electric Blue’
Dark purple flowers.
Cream and pink flowers with pink striped throat.
‘New Berry Gem’

Reminiscent of Lavender, this beautiful grey, lace leafed sage that bears masses of small blue flowers all summer is a wonderful addition to any garden. 3L bag. Perennial. H:60cm W:40cm.

Petunia rangePetunia Range
‘Black Velvet’
Garden writers have already picked up on this innovative black petunia and driven up consumer demand. The upright, mounded plants are early to flower, have a tightly branched habit, and are filled with colour all season.
‘Blue a Fuse’
Striking multicolor blooms combine shades of violet, yellow and white with a deep purple throat. A real stunner in beds and containers, on its own or in combinations.
Phantom shows off a black base colour with a distinctive yellow star pattern.
This distinctive petunia adds a stylish and sophisticated look to mixed containers, with each of the dark purple blooms showing off a cream white star pattern.
‘Rhythm and Blues’
Petunia Rhythm and Blues is a heat loving variety with a mounded spreading habit, and is covered in eye catching blue flowers with a distinctive white edge. 17cm Pot. Ground cover. H:30cm W:30cm.

Phlox divaricataPhlox divaricata
An outstanding low clump-forming plant with narrow green leaves and a magnificent show of sky blue flowers on long stems in early spring and early summer. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:20cm W:15cm.



Pomegranate Punica granatumPomegranate Punica Granatum
A fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing between five and eight meters tall. Pomegranates have a high anti-oxidant (citric acid) content and there is an increasing demand for it due to the associated health benefits. Easy to care for and drought tolerant once established. 4L bag. Shrub. H:6m W:2m.



RosmarinusRosmarinus ‘Irene’
Uniquely trailing growth habit with masses of blue flowers. Ideal for landscaping against embankments, in containers to cascade over the side and in hanging baskets. 4L bag. Ground cover. H:30cm W:spread.



Rosmarinus officinalis - McConnells blueRosmarinus officinalis ‘McConnell’s Blue’
An herbaceous, drought resistant shrub with aromatic needle-like thin green leaves and blue flowers in summer and autumn. 4L bag. Shrub. H:70cm W:70cm.



Rosmarinus PinkRosmarinus ‘Pink’
An herbaceous, drought resistant shrub with aromatic needle-like thin green leaves and pink flowers in summer and autumn. 4L bag. Shrub. H:70cm W:40cm.



Rosmarinus - tuscany blueRosmarinus ‘Tuscany Blue’
An herbaceous, drought resistant shrub with aromatic needle-like thin green leaves on tall straight stems and blue flowers in summer and autumn. 4L bag. Shrub. H:70cm W:70cm.



Rosmarinus- Heinz whiteRosmarinus officinalis ‘Heinz white’ NEW
Bearing white flowers on striking silver-green foliage. Use in the same way as ordinary Rosemary. 4L bag. Shrub. H:80cm W:80cm.



Sagina subulataSagina subulata
Hardy, dark green tuft forming moss-like ground cover. Small white flowers in summer. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:10cm W:20cm.



Salvia selectionSalvia Selection
Salvia farinacea ‘Evolution’ ‘Rhea’ NEW
Bright green linear-shaped leaves with purple blue flowers in summer.
Salvia longispicata x farinacea ‘Mystic Spires’
Compact, well-branched, sturdy, dark green leafed plants. Bearing true blue flowers from spring to autumn.
Salvia gregii ‘Coral’
Coral pink flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Lime’
Yellow-green flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Lipstick’ NEW
Dark pink flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Pink’
Bright pink flowers.
Salvia gregii ‘Raspberry’ NEW
Deep pink-red flowers .
Salvia gregii ‘Sally Red’
Bright red flowers.
Salvia ‘Hot Lips’
Red and white flowers NEW
Salvia ‘Orange’
Coral pink flowers.
Salvia ‘Passion Pink’
Coral pink flowers.
Salvia ‘Pink Ice’
Pink and white flowers.
Salvia pratensis ‘Blue’
Small shrub with green leaves and bright blue flowers.
S. gregii and S. pratensis are compact, small shrubs, that flower all year round for a mass display of colour. Prune after flowering to encourage compact growth habit and new flowers. 3L bag. Perennial. H:50cm W:30cm.

Sambucus nigraSambucus nigra ‘Elderberry’
The medicine chest of the herbal world. A tall shrub bearing white, lace-like flowers and black berries. Ideal for attracting butterflies and birds to the garden. Seasonal pruning will encourage bushy and compact growth. 4L. Shrub. H:4m W:2m.



Stachys byzantinaStachys byzantina ‘Lambs Ear’
A flat, spreading self-rooting ground cover with soft silver foliage and taller
flower spikes with purple flowers in summer. Great for contrast planting. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:30cm W:30cm.



Trachelospermum jasminoidesTrachelospermum jasminoides
Low trailing ground cover or climber with glossy dark green leaves that perfectly display the masses of star shaped, scented white flowers borne in spring. 3L bag
4L bag (with stick). Ground cover. H:30cm W:50cm.



Trifolium repensTrifolium repens ‘Atropurpurea’
Purple shamrock. Excellent low spreading self-rooting ground cover with deep purple and green foliage and white pompom flowers in summer. 3L. Ground cover. H:15cm W:20cm.



Verbena tuscanyVerbena Tuscany Selection
‘Blue; Burgundy eye; Lavender picotee; Orchid frost; Peach; Pink picotee; Rose eye; Scarlet; Silver; Violet eye; White’.
Upright, compact growth habit. Tuscany loves it hot and dry. It is a full, bushy plant, which produces a mass of flowers in eye-catching colors. 3L. Perennial. H:15cm W:115cm.


Vinca selectionVinca selection
V. major
Blue flowers.
V. major ‘Aurea’
Big, yellow veined leaves with blue flowers.
V. major ‘Variegata’
Cream and green variegated leaves with blue flowers.
V. minor ‘Blue’
Small leaves with blue flowers.
V. minor ‘Variegata’
Small, cream and green variegated leaves with blue flowers,
V. minor ‘Alba’
Small green leaves with white flowers. Excellent low trailing, suckering ground
cover with glossy dark green leaves. Ideal in places where quick cover is required. Prune regularly to encourage thick coverage. 3L. Ground cover. H:25cm W:spread.

Viola hederaceaViola hederacea
The Australian violet. Flat, spreading,
self-rooting, perennial violet with masses
of blue and white bicolor flowers all year round. The flowers are not edible. 3L. Ground cover. H:30cm W30cm.


Westringia - WhiteWestringia
‘Blue’ or ‘White’
A compact, drought resistant plant with small grey needle leaves and tiny flowers almost all year. Responds well to shaping. 3L. Shrub. H:80cm W:80cm.



Exotic Range:     A – F        G – M