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AbeliaAbelia ‘Edward Goucher’
A graceful arching evergreen shrub with oval, bright green leaves which are bronze when young. Bell shaped, lilac-pink flowers from Summer to Autumn. Responds well to pruning and shaping and useful for hedges. 4L bag. Shrub. H:2m W:1.5m.



Abelia - Francis masonAbelia ‘Francis Mason’
The shiny green and bright green flecked leaves with the added bonus of masses of small light pink bell shaped flowers all summer make this one of the most valuable plants in any garden. Responds well to pruning and shaping. 4L bag. Shrub. H:2m W:1.5m.



Achillea- summer pastel mixAchillea Summer Pastel Mix
Yarrow is an easy perennial, growing in nearly any sunny situation, even where there is poor soil. Plants form low mounds of fragrant ferny foliage, with clusters of flowers appearing on upright stems in early summer. This strain gives a wide range of soft pastel shades, from white through to cream, yellow, pink, salmon, mauve and red. Good for cutting, fresh or dried. Remove spent flowers to promote more buds. Inclined to spread, so site this carefully or plan to reduce the clumps each spring. Heat tolerant. 3L bag. Perennial. H:30cm W:30cm.


Acorus gramineusAcorus gramineus ‘variegatus’
Commonly called variegated Japanese rush, dwarf sweet flag or grassy-leaved sweet flag. It is a semi-evergreen, marginal aquatic perennial that features grass- to iris-like tufts of narrow, variegated leaf blades which are striped with white and green and fan upwards. It thrives in wet soils and is commonly grown in water gardens and boggy areas as a foliage accent or ground cover. Foliage is sweetly fragrant when bruised. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:30cm W:30cm.


AgastacheAgastache ‘Blue Fountain’
Liquorice Mint. This giant hyssop cultivar is a woody-based perennial of the mint family with soft blue flowers. Flowers bloom freely over a long summer to early fall bloom period and are attractive to butterflies. Leaves are downy beneath and have a pleasant minty-anise fragrance. Leaves may be used in potpourris or to flavour cold drinks. Foliage is sweetly fragrant when bruised. 3L bag. Shrub. H:1m W:40cm.


‘Burgundy Glow’
Stunning tri-coloured foliage with mixture of white, cream, and green foliage enhanced with burgundy-red tints. Perky blue flower spikes of Ajuga Burgundy Glow blanket the foliage appearing from Spring to Autumn.
Deep, rich mahogany leaves and blue flowers in spring. Tolerates deep shade. Good for small spaces, beds, border fronts and containers as well as rock gardens and path edgings.
‘Metalica Crisspa’
Compact, glossy foliage.
Flat spreading, self-rooting perennial ground cover with deep purple glossy foliage and blue flower spikes in spring and summer. Mass plant for best cover for shady areas.
Purpurea ‘Giant’
Large, glossy foliage and large purple flowers from spring to autumn. 3L bag.
4L bag. 17cm pot. Ground cover. H:25cm W:spread.

Aloysia triphyllaAloysia triphylla Lemon verbena
A large bushy shrub with lemony scented narrow leaves. Sprays of small white flowers in summer. Dried leaf can be used for tea and cooking with fish, poultry salad dressings and puddings. 4L. Shrub. H:2m W:2m.



AlstroemeriaAlstroemeria (Inca Lillies)
‘Indian Summer” ®
Beautiful peachy orange with red cheeks coloured flowers set against unique rich, bronze foliage. These hardy Peruvian Lilies are compact with an upright habit, ensuring that stems are still a good length for cutting. The perfect perennial for borders and patio containers where it will flower continuously.
‘Dwarf Pink & Yellow’
Compact growth habit with an abundance of flowers from late Spring to Autumn.
25cm Pot. 17cm Pot. Perennial. H:60cm W:40cm.

A spring delight, these wonderful rock or woodland plants are small in stature but large in effect. Rounded blue-green leaves with colourful bell-shaped flowers appear in spring.
‘Cameo mix”
The large beautiful flowers of the long-blooming ‘Cameo Mix’ cover this dwarf fan columbine in spring. It is a small but vigorous perennial that’s an improvement on the species.
Perennial. H:30cm W:20cm.

‘Blush Pink’
Daisy bushes are extremely rewarding and this plant is no exception. Compact, with green foliage and masses of pink daisy blooms all summer. They can frost in cold areas.
‘Lemon Queen’
The ever popular bright yellow flowering daisy bush. The ideal plant to add cheerful quick, lasting colour to the garden.
‘Single White’
Large, bright white flowers against dark green foliage. 3L bag. Shrub H:80cm W:60cm.

Armeria maritimaArmeria maritima
An evergreen perennial forming tidy rounded clumps of fine grass-like leaves that provide a textural effect in the garden.
‘Dusseldorf Pride’
A durable perennial for most any sunny location. Plants form a low tufted mound of grassy green leaves. This selection bears deep pink pompon flowers for many weeks starting in late spring, and usually repeat flowers in the fall. Good rock garden or edging plant. Also excellent in tubs or mixed containers
‘Petite Pink’
Short stems holding clusters of delightful soft mauve-pink flowers appear in spring and flower through until autumn. Great as a container plant and for garden edges. 3L. Ground cover. H:15cm W:15cm.

Buddleja BuzzBuddleja ‘BuzzPBR’ series
Ivory, Lavender, Magenta, Purple, Sky Blue, Velvet
BuzzPBR varieties have full-sized, graceful, tapering flower spikes on a shorter, more compact plant. They flower from early Spring to late Autumn and are delightfully scented attracting butterflies to the garden.
Because BUZZPBR varieties are smaller and better branching, they are ideal in containers either alone or mixed with other plants.17 cm pot. Shrub. H:70cm W:50cm.


Slow growing evergreen shrubs that are ideal for low maintenance borders and for topiary. Plant in well composted soil and feed with a high nitrogen fertilizer for optimum growth.17 cm pot. Shrub. H:50cm W:30cm.



Carex OshimensisCarex oshimensis
Very attractive clump-forming grass with long thin green leaves. Bears fluffy brown flower spikes in spring. Grows well in moist, well-drained soil, avoid extremes of both temperature and moisture.3L bag. Grass. H:20cm W:20cm.



Carex variegataCarex variegata
Attractive clump forming leaves with green and cream slender variegated leaves. Grows well in moist, well-drained soil, avoid extremes of both temperature and moisture. 3L bag. Grass. H:30cm W:30cm.



Impact with foliage. The entire plant glows with colour, from soft and elegant to deep, bold tones – perfect for shady areas in the garden and patios. Excellent weather tolerance. Use in containers and garden beds. Wide selection of brightly coloured foliage available. 17 cm pot. Annual. H:60cm W:40cm.



Convulvulus sabatiusConvolvulus sabatius
Excellent hardy, flat spreading ground cover with dark green leaves and sapphire blue flowers in summer. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:30cm W:20cm.



Cuphea hyssopifoliaCuphea hyssopifolia
‘Cocktail’: Yellow-green leaves and a profusion of purple-pink flowers all summer.
‘White’: Green leaves and a profusion of white flowers all summer.
Compact in nature, this versatile plant can be used in mass plantings or singly to provide a striking contrast in the garden. An ideal border or pot plant that can be easily shaped to form an excellent low hedge.
Light pruning will encourage flushes of radiant new growth. It performs best in a bright sunny position and enjoys regular watering. 3L bag 17 cm pot. Shrub. H:40cm W:40cm.

Blue Buttterfly, Belladonna Sky Blue, Casa Blanca White, Guardian series.
Delphiniums are perennials grown for their showy spikes of colorful summer flowers in gorgeous shades of blue, pink, white, and purple. They are popular in cottage-style gardens and cutting gardens. 17 cm pot. Perennial. H:40cm W:30cm.


Dipladenia sanderiDipladenia Sanderi
Pink, Hot Pink, White
Dipladenias (Mandevillas) have grown in popularity over the past few years along with some of the other spring flowering vines. All of the varieties grown are very showy and flower readily especially during the warmer months. A great climber ideal for the garden or in containers. 17 cm pot. Climber. Spreading.


Duranta erecta - GoldDuranta erecta
A very attractive Duranta with beautiful golden foliage. Grows to 2 metres but can be trimmed to any height. A sunny position is necessary to attain its beautiful golden colour. However, will grow in semi-shade and is semi-hardy. Fertilise with a controlled release fertiliser in spring and autumn. Ideal as a feature plant or for use as a low hedge. Can be used in tubs to good effect. Will brighten up to drab parts of the garden with its striking golden foliage. 4L bag 17 cm pot. Shrub. H:2m W:1.5m.


Dwarf cotton lavenderDwarf Cotton Lavender
Grey, rounded and cushiony groundcovering shrub. The leaves give off a strong aroma when crushed. Button shaped yellow flowers appear in summer and make a striking contrast to the grey foliage. Dried leaves can be used in potpourri. Ideal hedging plant. 4L bag. Shrub. H:30cm W:40cm.



Echinacea purpureaEchinacea purpurea (Rudbeckia)
‘White Swan’ and ‘Pink Magnus’
A hardy perennial with lance shaped green leaves. Produces large daisy-like flowers, each with a prominent central orange brown cone, on single strong stems in summer. 3L bag. Perennial. H:1.2m W:45cm.


Erigeron karvinskianusErigeron karvinskianus
Low growing ground cover with masses of small pink-white daisy flowers all year. Can be cut back to maintain neatness. 3L bag. ground cover. H:30cm W:60cm.



escallonia iveyiEscallonia iveyi ‘White’
Dense compact, frost hardy shrub with small glossy dark green leaves and bunches of small white flowers in summer. 4L bag. Shrub. H:2.5m W:2m.



Escallonia - pink princessEscallonia ‘Pink Princess’
Dense compact, frost hardy shrub with small glossy dark green leaves and bunches of small pink flowers in summer. 4L bag. Shrub. H:1m W:0.8m.



Euonymus - Gold dustEuonymus ‘Gold Dust’
Bright golden upright, but compact waxy foliage which makes a lovely shrub. Can be planted and clipped as a low growing border or in containers as a striking foliage plant. Low maintenance and can tolerate dry conditions and frost once established. 3L bag 17cm Pot. Shrub. H:35cm W:25cm.



EuphorbiaEuphorbia hypericifolia
Produces masses of pure white bracts above finely textured, apple green foliage. It adds stunning texture and colour to a border in partial shade. Ideal for containers and hanging baskets. 17 cm pot. Perennial. H:30cm W:30cm.



Evolvulvus glomeratus - Blue dazeEvolvulus glomeratus
‘Blue Daze’
A beautiful shrubby perennial with branching stems for a strong form and mass. Foliage is attractive grey-green. Blooming begins in spring with half-inch blue flowers in masses. Plants will bloom sporadically throughout the growing season. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:50cm W:40cm.



FoxgloveFoxglove (Digitalis)
‘Foxglove foxy mix’
Dramatic, towering spikes, dense with trumpet flowers, have distinct speckled throats. Prefers rich moist soil. Blooms late spring to late summer.
Bi-annual perennial with large grey-green rough textured leaves. A beautiful addition in any herbaceous border. 17cm Pot. Perennial. H:50cm W:50cm.


Exotic Range:      G – M          O – Z