Agapanthus africanusAgapanthus africanus Hybrid
‘Large Blue’ or ‘Large White’
Green, clump-forming perennial, with strap-like leaves and umbels of flowers on 1m tall stems and flower from November to March. Hardy and drought tolerant. 3L bag. Perennial. H:50cm W:50cm.


Agapanthus dwarfAgapanthus
‘Hybrid Medium Blue’, ‘Dwarf White’ (medium) and ‘Hybrid White’ (small)
Green, clump-forming perennial with
strap-like leaves and umbels of flowers on 50cm tall stems that flower from
November to March. Hardy and drought tolerant. 3L bag. Perennial. H:30cm W:30cm.


Agapanthus nanaAgapanthus nana
‘Blue’ or ‘White’
Green, clump-forming perennial with strap-like leaves and umbels of flowers on short stems that flower from November to March. Hardy and drought tolerant.
3L bag. Perennial. H:20cm W:20cm.


Agapanthus blue boyAgapanthus “Little Blue Boy ”
Abundant flowering nearly all year round when well established. Green, clump-forming perennial with strap-like leaves and umbels of flowers on short stems. Hardy and drought tolerant. 17cm Pot. Perennial. H:20cm W:20cm.



Agapanthus- purpleiciousAgapanthus “Purpleicious” PBR
Easy to grow and hardy with attractive, striking purple flowers from November to March. Large flower heads for mass display are borne on tall, 1m long stems.
4L bag. Perennial. H:30cm W:30cm
Anisodontea scabrosa.
Heat, drought and frost resistant. Plant in well-drained soil. Will reward with bright pink flowers all year round. 4L bag. Shrub. H:2m W:1m.


Anthericum saundersiaeAnthericum saundersiae
‘Weeping Anthericum’
Semi-hardy, clump-forming grass with small star shaped flowers from spring to autumn. 3L bag. perennial. H:60cm W:30cm
Aptenia cordifolia
Evergreen, trailing perennial with dark green, fleshy leaves and bright red flowers. Drought tolerant once established and ideal for rockeries or retaining walls. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:15cm W:30cm.

ArctotisArctotis ‘On Fire’ PBR
A compact perennial with striking silver-grey foliage and showy, large, single bright red daisy-like flowers during spring and summer. The long, spreading stems and leaves are soft, woolly and slightly sticky with a very strong bitter-sweet smell when touched. The white felted leaves are long and narrow (lance-shaped) with the edges slightly toothed or serrated. 17cm pot. Perennial. H:30cm W:30cm.


Aparagus densifloursAsparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengerii’
Asparagus meyerii
Evergreen, trailing perennial with clusters of narrow, bright green, fern-like stems. In summer has pink-tinged, white flowers, followed by red berries. Ideal for hanging baskets. 3L bag. 17cm pot. Perennial. H:50cm W:50cm.


Asystasia gangeticaAsystasia gangetica
Attractive fast growing, dense, trailing ground cover with dark green leaves and small foxglove-like white flowers with purple throats. Flowers from November to April. Prefers moist well-composted soil. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:20cm W:spread.



Barleria rangeBarleria Range
B. obtusa
Purple flowers
B. repens ‘Blue Sky’ NEW
Light blue flowers
B. repens ‘Pink Delight’ NEW
Pink flowers
A small, dense spreading, fairly hardy shrub with glossy green leaves, flowering from Spring to Autumn. 3L bag. Shrub. H:50cm W:40cm.

Black eyed suzanBlack Eyed Susan Thunbergia alata
Annual creeper. Easy to grow with spectacular flower display. Flower colours available in yellow, orange, white, peach and pink, with black centers. 17cm pot. Climber. Spreading.



BulbinellaBulbinella Bulbine frutescence
‘Yellow’ or ‘Orange’
Succulent, clump forming plant ideal for rockeries, dry spots and dry shade under trees. Bears decorative yellow or orange spikes all year. 3L bag. Perennial. H20cm W:10cm.


Carpobrotus edulisCarpobrotus edulis
Spreading ground cover with fleshy edible leaves and large vygie-like, pink flowers in summer. Great for dry areas and to stabilize embankments. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:15cm W:spread.



Chondropetalum tectorumChondropetalum tectorum
‘Reed Grass’
Clump-forming, with long thin, round, deep green leaves bearing tall stems with tufty brown flowers in summer. Good landscaping plant. Can grow in marshy areas. 4L bag. Perennial. H:1.5m W:0.6m.


D. grandiflora
White iris-like blooms with blue and yellow blotches all summer.
Hardy, clump-forming plant with long narrow sword shaped foliage. Ideal for landscaping. 3L bag. Perennial.H:50cm W:50cm.


Falckia repensFalckia repens
Low growing with dark green oval leaves and white flowers in spring. Ideal in between stepping stones and as a groundcover. 3L bag. ground cover.H:15cm W: spread.



Felicia amelloides - variegataFelicia amelloides ‘Variegata’
Small compact shrub with green and yellow leaves, that produces masses of blue daisy flowers with yellow centers all summer. 3L bag. Shrub, H:2m W:1m.



Freylina TropicaFreylinia tropica
‘Blue’ or ‘White’
Erect growing shrub, with small shiny leaves and showy, very light blue (Alba) or dark blue flowers from September to April. A great plant for topiary or for hedging. Cold hardy and prefers well drained soil. 4L bag. Shrub. H:2m W:1m.


Ganzania varietiesGazania varieties
‘Bronze Gnome’
Green foliage, double bronze flowers.
‘Cream Beauty’
Green foliage, creamy-white flowers.
‘New Day Mix’
Green foliage, flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow.
Green foliage, bright double yellow flowers.
‘New Moon’
Green foliage, single creamy orange flowers.
Green foliage, single yellow flowers with orange centers.
Green foliage, single yellow flowers.
‘Splendens Pink’
Green foliage, pink flowers.
‘Tiger Mix’
Green foliage, striped flowers in yellow, red, orange and white.
‘Yellow Star’
Green foliage, single yellow flowers.
Gazania uniflora
Trailing grey foliage, single yellow flowers. 3L bag. Perennial. H:20cm W:20cm.

Geranium incanumGeranium incanum
Hardy, low trailing ground cover with finely cut leaves and magenta flowers all summer. Cut back after flowering to maintain neatness. 3L bag. Ground cover. H:50cm W:Spread.



GeraniumGeranium ‘Camphor Leaf’
Scented foliage with bright purple flowers in spring. Hardy and easy to maintain. 3L bag. Perennial.H:40cm W:60cm.



GerberaGerbera Revolution Mega Mix. NEW
Produces vigorous, bushy plants with very large flowers, making it ideal for mass garden planting and for larger containers. 17cm pot. Perennial. H:40cm W:40cm.



Hypoestes - purple hazeHypoestes ‘Purple Haze’
Ornamental Sweet Potatoes make striking ground covers and are unequaled cascading over the sides of hanging baskets. They have deep-veined leaves shaped like hearts and fleurs-de-lis. Count on them to infuse your summer landscape with color and pizzazz. Great foliage component plant in combinations; excellent heat tolerance and vigor. 17 cm pot. Ground cover. H:30cm W:Spread.


Helychrysum cooperiHelychrysum cooperi
Grown for its silvery, densely-felted foliage and trailing habit. It is a shrubby, woody-based tender perennial. Trailing stems densely clad with soft, woolly, oval-rounded, grey-green leaves. Drought tolerant once established. 3L bag. perennial. H:40cm W:40cm.



Mackaya bellaMackaya bella
Charming shrub with glossy dark green leaves and large open tube shaped white flowers. Plant in a protected position in well-drained compost rich medium. 4L bag. Shrub. H:2m H:0.8m.


Osteospermum ecklonis
Hardy perennial with a profusion of daisy like flowers from spring to late autumn. Drought tolerant and hardy once established. Ideal for landscape projects.
‘Lilac Beauty’ – Deep purple flowers
‘Ecklonii’ – White flowers
‘Lemon Ice’ – White with a touch of yellow on the underside
‘Pink’ – Deep pink flowers. Perennial. H:50cm W:30cm.

Pelargonium graveolensPelargonium graveolens ‘Rose scented’
Scented foliage with bright pink flowers in spring. Hardy and easy to maintain.
3L bag. Shrub. H:60cm W:40cm.



Plectranthus argentetisPlectranthus argentetis
A great foliage plant that is especially good for shady areas. The hairs on the leaves give them an overall sage-green to silvery colour. Requires minimal watering once established. The flowers are bluish white. 3L bag. Shrub. H:50cm W:50cm.



Plectranthus- Mona lavenderPlectranthus
‘Mona Lavender’
Fast growing with attractive serrated leaves and spikes of tubular pink to mauve blooms in autumn. Prune after flowering. 3L bag. 17cm pot. Shrub. H:60cm W:30cm.



Plectranthus madagascaiensis variegataPlectranthus madagascariensis variegata
Fast growing with attractive variegated serrated leaves. Ideal for containers and hanging baskets. 3L bag. Shrub. H:40cm W:20cm.



Plectranthus cilliatusPlectranthus cilliatus
Bright yellow and green variegated foliage colour to brighten up shady areas. Excellent container or landscape plant. 17 cm pot. Shrub. H:30cm W:30cm.



Plumbago capensisPlumbago capensis
‘Blue’ A dense shrub with intense blue flowers all summer. Medium hardy and drought tolerant.
A dense shrub with white flowers all summer. Medium hardy and drought tolerant. 3L bag. Shrub. H:1m W:1m.


Portulacaria afra- SpekboomPortulacaria afra “Spekboom”
A succulent that helps fight air pollution. It has the ability to capture more than four tons of carbon per hectare! Spekboom is a water-wise plant that’s ideal for low-maintenance gardens. This drought resistant plant can survive on just 250-350mm of water a year! Easily clipped into hedges and ideal for rockeries and containers. 3L bag. Shrub. H:1m W:80cm.


Scabbiosa columbariaScabiosa columbaria
‘Butterfly Blue’ and ‘Pink Mist’
A tough compact plant, flowering all year round. Dead head to encourage more blooms. Great planted in groups. Drought tolerant and hardy. 3L bag. Shrub. H:20cm W:20cm.


Sutherlandia frutescensSutherlandia frutescens
‘Cancer Bush’
A Southern African legume which has traditionally been used as an indigenous medicine for a variety of ailments. It is a shrub with bitter, aromatic leaves. Red-orange flowers appear in spring to mid-summer. Attractive grey-green leaves. Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. 4L bag. Shrub. H:1.5m W:1.5m.


Tecoma capensisTecoma capensis
‘Apricot’, ‘Lutea Yellow’,‘Orange’, ‘Red’ and ‘Salmon’
Hardy shrub with bright, glossy green leaves. Bears brightly coloured, tubular flowers all summer. Prune heavily after flowering. 4L bag. Shrub. H:3m W:1.5m.



Tulbaghia violaceaTulbaghia violacea
A useful clump-forming perennial with long, narrow leaves and taller flower stems that bear large pompoms of small mauve flowers all summer. Leaves have a strong garlic fragrance.
‘Silver Lace’. Variegated form. 3L bag. Perennial. H:20cm W:20cm.


VygieVygie (Lamperanthus spp.)
‘Cream’ and ‘Red’
Orange variety: ‘Sunset’
Pink varieties: ‘Drosanthenum Rosea’, ‘Pink Passion’ and ‘Salmon Pink’
Yellow varieties: ‘New Yellow’ and ‘Sunshine’
Purple varieties: ‘Purple Parade’ and ‘Upright Purple’
Small, bushy plant with fleshy leaves that bears a profusion of brilliant coloured flowers in spring. Vygies are semi-hardy
and drought tolerant and prefer well drained soil. 3L bag. Perennial. H:35cm W:50cm.

Zantedeschia aethiopicaZantedeschia aethiopica
Large white flowers.
‘Green Goddess’
Large white and green flowers.
‘Spotted leaf’
White flowers and white spots on the leaves.
Bulbous, clump-forming perennial with large arrow shaped green leaves, flowering all year round. Grows in or out of water. A must in any water garden. 4L bag. Perennial. H:80cm W:30cm.